Kyle Bobby Dunn – FHTE-B (2019) Download

Release Year: 2019
Genre: Electronic, Rock, Classical
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Download Size: 407.81 MB


01. Her Stars Are My Eternity (MSP Processing Matt Rogalsky)
02. Preludium Lux (Quiet demo)
03. Days of Radiance 1990
04. Owens, and all Our Stories Untold
05. Triple Axel on CrŠmazie demo (02142018)
06. Filles de la Route (Midnight Theme)
07. Preludium (An Orchestral Coda)
08. Foothills Medical (Chinook Centre Suite by Scott Morgan)
09. Everlast Mon ‚ternelle (Hutchison Sessions)
10. Years Later (Horror Film Variant)
11. Corridors of the Mind (Composed for tape by Isaac Helsen)
12. Moses Cone (A Guitar Fragment)
13. Rachelle of Our Eternal Winters (Processing and rework by Conor C. Ellis)
14. Dead Calm Phantoms (Fucked Guitar Devin Friesen)
15. Le visage en pleine nuit (Processing by Maryam Sirvan)
16. September Drones (Fripped Guitar Devin Friesen)
17. Kiefer McLaughlin (Autumn of Years Later Suite)
18. All of Her Eternities 9202014 (MSP Processing Matt Rogalsky)